Well informed and protected subscribers

Welcome SMS solution inspires both inbound and outbound roamers of network usage while visiting foreign network. Subscriber receives valuable information (possible charges, traffic or general local news).

Mobile Operators are able to keep their subscribers informed and protect them from “Bill-shock fear”. This option will make them feel secure and stay loyal to your network.

How we do it

Once a roaming subscriber enters foreign country, he receives automatic welcome message from available Mobile Operator. Message can contain information concerning mobile operating rates (calls, data, SMS, etc.) or any other local information useful to subscriber. Messages can be targeted (globally, by country, by network), multi-lingual (foreign roamers receive message by mother tongue), multiple-SMS (single message containing multiple information).

viahub’s roaming system is integrated with STPs for 2G/3G and Diameter. It supports TDM links and SIGTRAN M2PA or M3UA for 2G/3G and Diameter integration for LTE.

New value for Operators

  • prevent bill-shock fear with transparent rates reporting which generates new revenue streams
  • increase revenue by informing subscribers and engaging them to interact (Reduce Silent Roamers)
  • confirm subscribers’ loyalty providing them crucial information while visiting foreign country
  • prevents subscribers from choosing local network
  • better service for subscribers generates higher usage of roaming and opportunity for Mobile Operators to negotiate better deals with roaming partners
  • promote your services by informing roamers via SMS and increase network usage