Reduce bandwidth usage, increase access speed and decrease costs

viacache, the next generation solution, designed to cope with challenges for bandwidth Caching to reduce network congestion. This solution helps Mobile Operators saving CAPEX and OPEX bandwidth costs and keeping their subscribers satisfied by enhancing user experience with fast response and easy Internet download (video, web).

How we do it

viacache works in a way to save a copy of popular content, which end user wants to download, on a server. This way subsequent requests to open the same content will be responded to much faster and there will be no need for Mobile Operators/service providers to acquire new bandwidth from the same source.

New value for customer

  • OPEX savings - reduce bandwidth usage, provide 30-60% bandwidth savings
  • CAPEX savings - reduce the need to invest infrastructure
  • improve user experience and satisfaction due to faster delivery of content
  • overload protection
  • origin content protection by not revealing the source to subscribers
  • best solution for carrier-grade Integrated Caching
  • drives subscribers growth with no extra investment
  • capable to meet challenging market needs
  • content screening
  • extensive reports