Increase profitability and take full control over network traffic

Roaming revenue constitutes a great portion of the Mobile Operator profitability. To maximize profit, the Mobile Operator needs viahub's Steering of Roaming solution (SoR) to direct its roaming subscribers onto a preferred network; and at the same time to maintain the Quality of Service (QoS) the roaming subscribers are receiving on visited network.

How we do it

Our State-of-the-Art Steering of Roaming solution (SoR) supports the legacy SS7/Sigtran based networks (2G/3G) and EPC Diameter based networks (4G/LTE). Its flexible architecture makes both standalone and hybrid implementations possible. viahub SoR standalone signalling message system and the hybrid configuration with Over The Air system provide and enable a great variety of reliable traffic steering capabilities.

New value for Operators

  • precision in directing roamers traffic onto preferred network and maximizes Roaming Revenue
  • viahub SoR smart engine is capable of providing the Mobile Operator with real-time statistics and detailed analytics for each country
  • due to intensive analytics, the Mobile Operator will be better positioned to determine its Roaming needs (new agreements and renegotiating existing ones)
  • high-quality experience and low costs based on different criterion to cater to their different needs
  • border steering to protect subscribers traveling near country borders
  • roaming subscriber life locations
  • fully flexible and configurable steering policies