Guaranteed delivery of messages to over 900 operators, across 6 continents


viahub P2P SMS HUB helps Mobile Operators save time, money and generate additional revenue by managing their off-net traffic via our P2P SMS HUB while their subscribers get a new value in expanded SMS coverage. Our flexible messaging platform can be easily integrated with no capital or resource expenditure on your end.

A2P messaging

A2P SMS traffic growth is the driving force behind the SMS revenue increase for years. 97% of all SMS are open and 90% are read within 3 minutes which makes it an ideal way to communicate with people compared to an e-mail or a phone call.


  • access to more than 900 operators in over 200 countries
  • around-the-clock technical support engineers are always available to assist you
  • built in Anti-Spam and intelligent filter mechanisms
  • single or multiple connectivity options for all interfaces
  • support for GSM and CDMA networks
  • we support all message types, guaranteed reliability, mobile number portability and monitoring

New value for customer

  • expand your global messaging outreach
  • additional and new revenue streams
  • new business opportunities
  • reduced administrative effort with hundreds of Mobile Operators