Protect your network from all incoming threats

Subscribers are the most valuable asset to any Mobile Operator and their satisfaction is Key to success. Unfortunately, the MNO's network and hence the subscribers are continuously targeted by fraudsters and spammers who send malicious or illegitimate SMS traffic over grey (open interconnect) and unprotected routes. In addition to the revenue leakage problem, the operator’s subscribers suffer from fraudulent and spam SMS which cause subscriber churn.

How we do it

viahub solution highly customizable to integrate with any network’s STPs or Signalling Gateways. It works with TDM and SIGTRAN (M2PA or M3UA) links. Protecting your network from all malware acts with intense analysis and constant reporting. viahub's firewall is designed in a way that guarantees and provides a remedy to these scenarios by shielding Mobile Operators’ local and international links and subscribers from grey routes, fraudulent and spam SMS traffic. Our firewall monitors and analyses incoming SMS traffic. As a result it presents a clear insight into the nature of traffic and how to transform grey routes into legitimate traffic that can be billed.

New value for Operators

  • real time alerts (SNMP traps, SMS, emails) sent to concerned teams as threats happen
  • deep analysis to highlight all suspicious acts
  • message screening performed before delivering to roamers
  • easily manageable CDRs are created for all messages coming to network for analyses and billing purposes
  • scalable solution to easily accommodate traffic increase
  • smart built-in modules for whitelisting and blacklisting
  • eliminate grey routes and stop revenue leakage while increasing customers’ satisfaction