Defend your network from all signalling based threats

With viahub’s SS7 Signalling Firewall solution in place, Mobile Operators are fully protected from all signalling based threats. Having SS7, Sigtran and Diameter protocols in a State-of-the-Art platform, viahub successfully implemented a complex 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE signalling security procedures. The viahub SS7 Signalling Firewall provides the most comprehensive, flexible and extensible telecommunications signalling security. Our solution includes Contextual awareness, Message screening, Near real-time Streaming Analysis and Reporting.

How we do it

  • message inspection – maintains network and supports any parameter or protocol
  • contextual background – searching by message content decides whether message is a fraud
  • streaming analysis – message screening rules are applied to affect incoming messages based on message analysis in near real-time
  • reporting – provides Mobile Operators with valuable information that helps them secure the network

New value for Mobile Operators

  • complete network control (SS7 MTP3 through MAP, Diameter)
  • effective alerting
  • filtering prevents all signalling based threats from entering the network
  • scalable solution to quickly add new modules
  • TCAP detecting and removing looping
  • subscribers protection by keeping their IMSI/MSI details secured from third party
  • roaming subscriber’s location verification before accepting messages