Guaranteed delivery of messages to over 900+ operators, across 6 continents

At viahub throughout our business cooperations with our partners MNOs and using in-house developed solutions we enable our clients ranging from operators and enterprises to aggregators to deliver their messages worldwide


SMS is the fastest and most reliable way of communication of modern age.

Fast and secure SMS delivery

Our messaging service allows our clients fast and secure delivery. viahub provides SMS services to all companies which are interested in using SMS as marketing tool. Our connections and solutions enable us to provide the best and most reliable solutions.

SMPP interface - with a help of our interface, we provide A2P, P2P and Bulk sms for our clients without using any browser.

Global coverage

viahub provides messages with connections from over 900+ MNO and MVNOs and deliver them worldwide.
viahub delivers messages to 200 countries in 6 continents.

Our global coverage enables us to satisfy our clients requirements.

Wholesale SMS

This wholesale product is meant to be for aggregators. It combines the largest possible coverage with least cost routing. Our High Quality Routing offers dynamic alphanumeric sender ID's, support for concat., handset DLR and many more features. It offers a vast range of features with an excellent value for money.

Your benefits:

  • Easy integration by HTTP or SMPP
  • Ideal for any size of campaign
  • No setup fee, no monthly minimum