Keep your outbound roamers on the network of your choice

In an effort to increase Roaming revenue some Mobile Operators develop methods to capture inbound roamers regardless of their home network wish to steer them onto another preferred network. But thanks to viahub Anti-Steering Detection and Prevention System’s active filtering and the capability to manually and automatically block.

How we do it

Our Anti-Steering Solution is capable of supporting TDM and SIGTRAN (M2PA and M3UA) links. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with Signalling Transfer points (STP) or the Signalling Gateways. To protect the Mobile Operator’s home Steering of Roaming system from signalling and Over The Air (OTA) Anti-Steering methods.

Our Solution provides active prevention approach. In addition, to overcome difficulties of different deployed technologies in visited countries, our technology is built independently of used protocols.

New value for Operators

  • Anti-Steering Detection and Prevention capabilities for 2G/3G SS7 based and LTE/EPC Diameter based
  • identifying networks in visited countries with Anti-Steering system to enable a counter Anti-Steering mechanism to direct your roamers onto preferred network
  • detection and blocking capabilities including OTA
  • reports on Operators performing Anti-Steering methods on home network roamers
  • event statistics per visited network to identify suspicious behavior