Our Company

viahub, Your trusted gateway to the World

Our most valuable assets, our employees and state of the art infrastructure is what makes viahub global specialty telecom services company

About us

Choose viahub for terminating your messages and experience a great break point in your business. Here at viahub we take care of our clients and always make sure that they get the correct information in the right time.

Honesty and trust between two partners is the most important key for good relationship and business success so we will take care of your business and work hard to earn your trust. Protecting our client's interests and doing our best to increase their profit is our priority.

With the help of our experienced employees we fulfill all our customers needs and always suggest best solutions for them. This way viahub helps their customers improve their business, empower their marketing campaigns as well as entire company's image. At the end of the day our job is to serve our customers and we are proud to have this opportunity and get great results.

We aim very high and don't let ourselves to be average because we believe if you give your best you can achieve great things.


Specialty Telecom Services, Innovation and International Business

The name viahub represents a global specialty telecom services company. viahub offers, develops, and sells high-quality services in the specialty telecom services business.

viahub offers innovative, State-of-the-Art services and solutions. Services range include Roaming, Security and SMS messaging solutions. Our strength lies in offering differentiated services and solutions that create added value for our customers and our company.

The services provided by viahub all occupy a leading position in their target markets with respect to quality, innovation and service expertise. Services offered by viahub cover over 200 countries worldwide and their quality has earned us an outstanding reputation amongst our customers as a valuable partner, both nationally and internationally.

Our Identity

viahub's management principles include an entrepreneurial mentality and the means for action, determination, decentralization, efficiency and involving the employees in the success of the company. Thinking and acting as entrepreneurs means making decisions, shaping, taking responsibility and developing. To make it possible for viahub employees to assume this type of responsibility, we offer them jobs with a wide variety of tasks and as much room for development as possible.

Our success as a business ultimately relies on our most valuable asset, our employees. Their commitment, accountability and creativity are responsible for shaping the image of viahub both within the company and in the outside world.