End-to-end solution to fully manage SMS business, assuring revenue increase

Together, viahub and the Mobile Operator partners are working around-the-clock to improve the networks’ performance and provide needed expertise and know-how of the mobile ecosystem to create additional revenue. Given the increasing number of A2P messages, yearly, and revenue generated, about $71bn by 2019, each Mobile Operator has the opportunity to grape its fair share of the revenue.

How we do it

Our continuous effort and commitment to innovation has enabled us to provide our Mobile Operator partners with needed technology to take full advantage of opportunity. VIAGUARD implementation gives Mobile Operators complete and fully managed A2P messaging end-to-end solution to serve their needs. The VIAGUARD team of experts constant monitoring and vigilance ensure network security and protection of revenue. By incorporating viahub's solution, the Mobile Network operator can rest assured having full visibility and control of what is being terminated into its network because of the near real-time updates and security rules.

New value for Mobile Operators

  • filtering and monitoring solution for network security
  • eliminate grey routes – stop revenue leakage and justify your subscribers’ trust
  • no Risk – zero CAPEX, zero OPEX. Flexible commercial models
  • create new value – your success is guaranteed with the help of our experts
  • availability – constant communication and around-the-clock support assures revenue and maintains traffic flow
  • transparency – when it is about securing your network and protecting your revenue, transparency becomes key